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James (Jus) has always had a love for the arts and appreciation for all things mad and wonderful. 


Being involved in the arts and music scene since a teenager, six years ago James came across a style of art that hit home! With a love for meditation and the practices of flow. James's art style started to develop into a freestyle meditative nature, looking within and letting the pen flow.


James has a love for music, is a DJ and one half of the sound system Parallel 7, he also loves Tai Chi, with a big love for nature and traveling.


His art style is very unique, the art he makes is all made in the moment, expressing the power of the now. The art comes out looking Tribal, Psychedelic and Ethnic.


James loves to teach the style to and does one on one meditation classes, in person or online... if you're looking to find your own unique individual style pattern of art, take a journey and book a class... the style not only helps you form your own individual style, its help meditate the mind and an excellent source of calmness.